Place Value and Calculation

Place Value Multiplication Number bonds to 20
Addition Division Numberbonds to 100
Subtraction Number bonds to 10 Mental calculation  
Fractions Decimals   Percentages  
Negative numbers -6 Number patterns  2,4,6,8,_    

Shape and Space

2d shape    3d shape     Nets  
Angles    Co-ordinates     Symmetry  

Problems and Logic

Word Problems     Thinking games      
Lemonade Stand          
Logic puzzles          

Data and Probability

Graphs     Probability      
Venn diagram    Averages      
Carroll diagram          


Weight    Weight scales   Area and Perimeter   
Length    Telling time    Time problems  
Capacity    Temperature    Money  

Homework Helpers

100 Square  Multiplication grid        
RM Easimaths          


page last updated on 19/11/2021


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